Reserved and refined, noble and strict, elegant and harmonious – all these definitions equally truly transfer lines of “nature” of Gira production design, which combines haute couture with a high intelligence. All huge range of products as if induces us to create round itself true comfort, individual surroundings, which forms mood and feelings of the person.

Technologies focused on the future and flexible decisions in a combination to high-quality design – intellectual Gira devices carry out following functions: automatic control of lighting, temperature regulation depending on time, transfer of music to all rooms, convenient door intercommunication, integration into systems of protection and other functions increasing comfort, safety and profitability. The Gira company carefully watches not only the highest technical quality, but also behind design of production, intensively working in this direction both with own, and with foreign teams of designers. Products, which are growing out of such work, differ pure lines and unusual forms, again and again submitting jury of design competitions.

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    Visualization and operating by functions of control system by engineering equipment of building at connection to Gira HomeServer and/or Gira FacilityServer. This device allows display of text messages (e-mail) and also it is possible to use as room station of interphone system (connection through TKS-IP lock). Made on basis of personal computer, and also equipped with TFT touch display with background light-emitting diode illumination, diagonal of screen 47 cm (19″).


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    Graphic display with background illumination and extensive possibilities of display, for example, temperatures, time, date, emergency and information messages. Multi-color light-emitting diode indicator of condition (red, green, dark blue), adjusted with help PE ETS. Two light-emitting diode indicators of condition for each command key. Field illumination for inscription. Built-in sensor of temperature for measurement of local air temperature.




    Gira interphone system expands functionality of electroadjusting products. Room and door Gira stations become a component of all electrosystem. Gira interphone system uses a standard form of wiring: all devices of audio and a video monitoring are established in usual socket outlet. In case of hidden installation impossibility, Gira  offers a range of audio and video interphone devices of unprofitable installation. Components of interphone stations Gira are issued in design of electroadjusting products Gira intercoms in rooms are realized on elements of the concept of System 55 and are established in a framework of the following Gira series  – Standard 55, E2, Event, Gira Event opaque (Opaque), Event Clear and Esprit.


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    Due to compactness of radio receiver hidden installation with RDS function is established in standard assembly boxes. In addition connected loudspeaker provides stereosounding. Audiosystem of Gira KNX/EIB expands possibilities on HiFi operation of components from any point of building on the basis of KNX/EIB system.It allows to choose a source of sound reproduction from any point chosen by user, and also to change a timbre and loudness of sound. The Revox multiroom system will take care of pure sounding of melody in all building.


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    Power racks of Gira are optimum addition to modern system of external electroinstallation. It is possible to establish them practically in any place, where it is necessary to provide power supply, for example, on a terrace or directly in a garden. It allows to use comfortably various household electric appliances, both for work, and for open-air rest. Design of power racks of Gira initially provided empty assembly nests, into which functional devices of Gira TX_44 series in water protected execution and Gira door station interphone system can be integrated.


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    Signaling devices and Gira sensors increase safety and comfort. Sensors measure humidity, speed of wind, illumination, temperature, register movement or count time, and depending on received results of measurement give commands for performance of these or those functions. Signaling devices and Gira sensors are compatible practically to all systems – control of jalousie, disturbing notification, and also KNX/EIB and radio tire systems. For connection any way of supply of wires is applicable to inserts of the hidden installation. Solar sensor possesses function of definition of a shadow, which can be realized, connecting it on an entrance of control unit of jalousie.