Teapot can be operated by means of iPhone

New teapot of iKettle is intended for those, who are lazy to to boil water manually. This surprising kitchen device can be operated without appearing in kitchen, by means of smartphone from any point of apartment. Actually, electronic teapot possesses a set of abilities, which usual teapots do not have.

iKettle has four modes of temperature. It can be programmed on 80 degrees that is recommended for green tea, or on 95, for example, for coffee. After water will begin to boil, smart teapot will surely take an interest what to do farther: to be disconnected, if owner intends to start a breakfast, or to keep water warm if he does not hurry up. If you forget that in a teapot there is no water and ask it to boil water, it will surely remind that it is impossible to switch-on an empty teapot in a network.

iKettle also has a mode of morning greeting. Having woken up and having looked at phone display, owner will see a message: «Good morning! Want to boil water? Yes or no?»