Along with comfort and safety more and more importance when building various objects, gain such factors, as reliability, profitability and efficiency. All this becomes possible when using smart house system from JUNG on the basis of KNX technology. Association in united network of separate functions defines system of Smart house. KNX sensors put in action the interconnected devices in a building and regulate among other things control of lighting, heating and provide control of clarification of air. Along with it the system optimizes energy consumption and saves operational costs.

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    Simple and evident operation by means of color TFT monitor, with diagonal of 2,8 inches. Settings in functional menu are configured according to own requirements. In connection with chamber outside: an optical zoom and a movable fragment of the image on the screen. Duplex control mode thanks to adapted digital filters provides bilateral communication without echo effect. Fast installation in 2 DIN sockets for hidden conducting.


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    System of biometric identification serves for reliable control of access. It uses a human fingerprint for access control. Finger print scanner is integrated into device. It creates the image of a fingerprint and checks it with earlier kept original. Thus system of biometric identification can provide access up to 50 people.


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    Touch surface of the module gives a chance to free configuration of the switch. At will, it is possible to place in the foreground, for example, room photo, stylized drawing or simply place a text. Desirable background is easy for placing under a transparent slip. To include this or that function (lighting, jalousie or rolling shutters) need to be pressed a touch point (sufficient time of pressing <1 second). Surface of the touch module is divided into 16 freely chosen points of operation. They can be used separately as points of pressing or be grouped as much as possible to 8 active schemes of connection according to photo or background image. All points of operation are equipped with light-emitting diode illumination.

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    LED lighting engineering from JUNG gives opportunity to use a control system of lighting as orientation system in the dark, corresponding to any requirements. Components of indication of LED are made under design of LS and AS 500 series switches. Shined fields of inscription represents possibility easily to identify SCHUKO-sockets. Identification fields of inscription are always shined with white LED.

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    New radio receiver from JUNG convinces excellent sounding, which is reached by means of powerful loudspeaker, which is perfectly transferring low frequencies. Area of frequency of a radio receiver from JUNG covers a range of 87,5-108 MHz (VHF), built-in aerial provides the best quality of signal reception. All standard functions of radio are available, from search till automatic storing of four favourite radio stations. At desire, it is possible to make active built-in dream mode. To operate a radio receiver from JUNG is very simple and easy by means of four big device keys. Light-emitting diode illumination of blue color for indication of operating mode or for instruction that «dream mode» is active and red illumination for designation of priority radio stations gives additional possibilities for further optimization of control.


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    Device is imposed on separate block for hidden conducting and mounted under a ceiling. Depending on movement and illumination degree the sensor turns on the light, and ventilation. Thanks to a corner of review of 360 degrees, this device works irreproachably, not dependent on from what point a person comes nearer. It is convenient not only from the point of view of visual perception, but also substantially saves energy consumption. Thanks to automatic switching-on/switching-off function, lighting is used only when it is really necessary. Situation, when light remains switched-on through an oversight, is excluded.

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    By means of JUNG Smart Remote program, it is possible to operate comfortably from any point of the world all electrical equipment equipped on the basis of KNX technology, since lighting, jalousie, heating, security and emergency systems – and finishing with audio and video equipment. Operation and control is carried out by means of Smart Remote program. Download into iTunes Smart Remote program and turn it into your iPhone, iPod or iPad, create a multipurpose remote control!

  • clip_image00216System for a call of the person in a certain situation. At emergency situation the signal will provide an immediate call. More often system of emergency call is used in hospitals or in WC zones of public buildings. It is possible to equip with system the house, where lives the person with disabilities.

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    JUNG KNX/EIB system makes a building more comfortable, safe and economic. It should be put at a building design stage. Along with 230V electroconducting laying at construction of a building, it is necessary to put a low-voltage tire, which connects touch switches or other control units to actuation mechanisms installed in an electric case. Thanks to low-voltage tire, devices can send each other corresponding signals, carrying out various functions: lighting control, jalousie, audiodistribution etc.