Information about KNX system

To transmit operating signals to all components, which are responsible for building control, it is required to have a system, capable to cooperate with separate devices; for this purpose all its components should be able to “communicate” among themselves in unified language: if to speak briefly, required a tire KNX technology, united for all producers of the equipment and program applications for this purpose. This standard is based on more than 15-year experience of development and design, including KNX systems predecessors, EIB, EHS and BatiBUS technologies. When using a channel of transfer to operate KNX signals, to which all other tires and devices connected and have an opportunity to communicate among themselves. Sensors, executive mechanisms necessary for control of the equipment that operating a building can be connected to tires , in particular, systems of lighting, curtains, jalousie and shutters, systems of safety, monitoring systems of power consumption, systems of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, alarm systems, systems of monitoring, systems of remote control, measuring equipment, control systems of audio and video, major appliances, interfaces of municipal systems and other building control systems etc. All these systems can be controled and traced through unified general system, without use of any additional control centers.

KNX history looks like this: in February 1990 in Brussels (Belgium) was organized EIBA association.

Possible to consider that founders of association are: Siemens, Gira, ABB, Berker, Jung, etc. – in summary 15 companies.

Main objectives of association are to advance in the market technology, watch quality and compatibility of the equipment made by companies, which enter into it, and prepare programs for expert training. In some years already about 100 European and world companies offered certificated equipment under EIB logo. In May 1999 there was an association of three European associations in one, which over time received final name “KNX Association”. There was also a merge of three technologies: EIB, EHS (European Home System) and Batibus. According to various experts, in KNX standard has 80-90% of EIB technology.

In late 2003, the technology was approved as a European standard EN50090, and in 2006 – as international ISO/IEC 14543 standard.