Multiroom audio systems became a popular solution for domestic space sound design, allowing to get rid from need of room bulky sound equipment installation. All necessary equipment is established in one place, and in rooms the loudspeakers and elegant wall control panels are built in walls. In certain cases, it is possible not to apply control panels, but use iPhone, iPod or Android device, which will help you to get convenient access to all your audio records. Multiroom audio installation, as room sound design, is very convenient and favorable solution.

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    Multirum Grand Concerto controler, 8 zones, 6 sources, 6 control panels. Six sound outlet sources and up to eight zones of listening (possibility of expansion to sixteen zones). 80 Watt of power on a zone – music plays loudly or softly with a characteristic faultlessly full, pure NuVo sound. Protocol of D generation design differs with a digital strengthening – works even better, keeps energy, gives out more power. Built-in infra-red receiver blocks hindrances of plasma displays, sunlight or luminescent lighting. Constants and changeable linear outputs for use with high power external amplifiers.

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    NuVo NV-D2120 amplifier for achievement qualitative increase in stereo. This product has compact sizes. Its distinctive characteristic is high efficiency. With sound power in 2×120 W, this product is the first in new generation of digital amplifiers of power, which offer strong and universal answer to requirements at any installation, even if it concerns big rooms and external areas. Easily compatible to majority of sources, NV-D2120 offers high flexibility, without endowing quality. Uses 50 Watt of power in usual use, estimated by ENERGY STAR standard.

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    Radio comes into twenty first century with NV-T2FAM – revolutionary dual tuner from NuVo. You can enjoy advanced radio technology in all house by means of one innovative tuner. Consuming less than 1 Watt of energy in waiting mode, NV-T2FAM – one more audiosolution of NuVo, which deserved Energy Star emblem. Exclusive technology provides crystal-clear perception and real sound. Thus, you can enjoy favourite broadcasting programs, whether there are in FM or AM range. No matter what what option of tuner you chose, reception will be amazing. NV-T2FAM leaves magnificent impression of music quality.

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    Expand possibilities of your iPod player for all house with NuVoDock for iPod. Now you can listen to your music collection from any zone inside and outside through your audiosystem. Regardless of your docking station position you can quickly call up and operate your iPod player from Grand Concerto or Essentia E6G control panels. Signal transfer in radius of 45,72 m. It can be established in any place of the house. The unique wireless technology makes possible continuous high-precision sound reproduction. Reception of signals from two separate wireless docking stations is also available.

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    Music Port Server with built-in 320 GB hard disk, 4 linear outputs, iTunes/Windows Media Player library; internet radio streaming; connection through NuVoNet; playing in Concerto (I8G), Essentia (E6G), Renovia systems. Operation and control possibility through LAN (including wireless) ports for probably, future support of external stores. Possibility of reproduction control with personal computer in Ethernet (at established client- program) unlimited number of operation clients. Also automatic PC synchronization of music library and in server by means of NuVo Sync tools is supported.

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    As sources, compatible to NuVoNet, following components can be acted: T2FAM AM/FM-tuner, wire docking station for iPod, and also two versions of musical MPS4 and MPS4 Elite server.