«Smart house» promptly enter into our life. Technology, which allows to operate any systems in the house: from lighting and control of household electronics to safety systems. Fire alarm system, video on-door speakerphone, sensors on movements, internal video surveillance, locks, which use a fingerprint – all this and many other things is included into «Smart house» system. Scenario of control and operation is set especially and individually according to user wishes. System’s data are deduced on the unified control panel. Due to automation of processes «Smart house» prevents emergency situations in home area, calling by operation of devices or a human factor, thereby providing safety of the house and its owner.

  • Security alarm system will allow you to be sure of safety of your house, office, apartment, warehouse, production room. System is calculated on the prevention of unauthorized access to a room. Security alarm system reacts on receipt of a signal from various motion sensors. Sensitivity of sensors is directly adjusted taking into account wishes of the client.

  • Operation of lighting will make your life more brighter and comfortable! Lighting engineering and electronics development led recently to creation not only a large number of new types of sources of color, but also various devices, which operate light. The unique equipment, which allows to make usual light sources (illuminators, lamps and other) into real interior designers.

  • Effect of presence – simulates presence of hosts, inclusion and light switching off on casual periods, sounds of music will create illusion that indoors there are people.

  • Audio and video control of systems in various parts of the house at the same time. Multroom can work both with unique source of sound, and with several tens at the same time, thus serially distributing signal parameters on each of house rooms.

  • Installation of heat-insulated floor – will help you at any time, regardless of season it will make your house warm and life comfortable. Suitable for any type of floors: wooden, concrete, tiled, and even covered with linoleum. It is suitable for all types of rooms: bedrooms, living room, nursery and bathroom.

  • Centralized control of heating, alarm system, lighting, ventilation, also control over joining to them engineering systems. All listed is organized by unified intellectual operation. The user can not care of left iron and electric stove as after its leaving they are disconnected automatically. House comfort and cosiness we ca’t see without competent organization of the monitoring system.

  • Climate control sysytem is used for maintenance and change of parameters of temperature, humidity and outside and in-room fresh air circulation. Automatic control of system over a complex of climatic devices essentially saves electricity consumption. System leaves in operation only those devices, which are really necessary for creation of comfortable climate. Management of heating can be programmed on automatic closing of windows, depending on weather conditions. For example, windows will be closed, if it is raining or hail. System reacts to external weather conditions, at rain or hail system automatically closes windows.

  • Control system of curtains and jalousie. Automatic closing at night-time or opening of curtains, jalousie since morning. System can be operated using phone or tablet computer.

  • Installation of high-quality equipment, electric installation work, conducting of audio and video, alarm systems. Competent experts will find an individual decision suitable for You.